What do you do?

The emphasis and vision of EasyFirstWebsites is to give you a great foundation, with everything you require to build a solid website which is future-proof and can expand with your business.

To have integrity of our vision means we don’t believe in cutting corners.

WordPress is used because it is the most supported web platform available, is secure and has proven longevity.
It is also the reason why we use it, and you receive, one of the industry’s top website building software installed on your site and fully licensed for LIFE!
And why we also offer FREE hosting as a curtesy for our clients for the first 12 months – one less thing for you to worry about.

… but where our work ends, is where your website begins as it is more than capable of going wherever you require it to go. Your website is fully scalable and will grow with your business and we are more than happy to share your onging journey with you, as our ongoing clients testify.

Which platform does EasyFirstWebsites use?

We build all of our websites on WordPress. A tried and tested platform which now is powering a staggering 30% of the entire internet!
You are in good hands – and good company too with the likes of The BBCBloomberg, The Official Star Wars Blog, Sony Music, The New Yorker and MTV amongst others using this particular platform.

Having a website based on WordPress mean that in the future, if your needs change, your website will be more than capable of expanding into whichever direction you require it to go.

Additionally, as a user of WordPress, if you require help in the future, would like to build custom functionality or even find tutorials, you are not short of help.

As WordPress is pretty much the industry standard now, virtually any website developer is comfortable working on it as its underlying code is the same from one site to another, where if you have a website fully custom written, you may experience problems in finding others willing to work on that particular platform.

How long does the build process take?

Once we receive all of the relevant content from you, we aim to have your new website completed within two or three weeks (depending on the package purchased).

If you require a larger website, are adding functional platforms such as e-commerce or online courses we shall inform you of an estimated build time. In most cases this will be around 4-6 weeks and again, this is also dependant on receiving all relevant content from you.

What changes can I make after I take ownership of my website?

There are unlimited ways you can make changes to a WordPress website and can grow it however large you would like it to be!

You shall receive instructions on how to undertake simple changes; the use of the drag-and-drop builder, how to create new pages, changing your text or images and even changing the layouts which your pages are based on – we have over 750 pre-installed!

The sky really is the limit and it is totally up to you.

I thought I could not migrate my website away from Squarespace or Wix?

Thats right you can’t.

When you build a website on these 3rd party platforms you are essentually ‘locked’ into it and the only way to move away is to rebuild somewhere else – usually WordPress.

Our software allows us to copy any design that you currently have, so your hard work in creating your beautiful website is not wasted!

Please note that this service is NOT copying any of the root files or database – these are locked away and unavailable to us – but we shall be rebuilding the website from the ground up and copying your existing layout.

We have been website developers for some years and noticed a trend of clients re-building their websites away from online website builders such as Squarespace and Wix.
The main issue is that you are limited and restricted to what their platforms can support and in most cases, if your requirements change over time, i.e. needing more functionality, these platforms may not support this.
(just Google Squarespace versus WordPress and see what the results say) or read our own article on the subject.

The other benefits are:

After you send us your content, we will lay out the pages for you – minimum effort on your part.

With EasyFirstWebsites YOU own your website.

Your website is built on your own platform. The only different ongoing costs to you is simply renewing your yearly hosting, which is a fraction of the cost of renewing an annual membership with Squarespace or Wix – andremember, your first year hosting is FREE!

You have very little limits to how you want your website to look.

Owning a website on your own platform means that your website grows with you.
Would you like to sell products? No problem, integrate a full e-commerce solution and build a shop of unlimited size.
Would you like to teach and sell online courses or have your very own membership area? Again, no problem, all of these things, and a gazillion more will integrate with your site now and any time in the future.

How accurate can you copy my site?

This would depend on the actual website on a case by case bases, but we are confident that we can copy it nearly exact.

We say “nearly” as of course, every system uses different elements to create the finished product. Our software allows us to copy these elements and you ‘may’ see small differences, but the overall look and feel would be exactly the same

Which software do you use?

Your website will be created with the awesome theme builder Divi, from Elegant Themes.

We do not like restrictions of any kind and by choosing to base all of our websites on Divi ensures that you receive a tried and tested end product with full functionality.

Unlike traditional WordPress ‘themes’ Divi is a powerful  builder with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to make changes on the front end of your website so you can see your results instantly.

When using a theme builder, what you can create, is only limited by your imagination and NOT the restrictions of what a traditional theme is capable of.
(for example, this website has been created with Divi)

Of course, also being WordPress based, if you would like to swap out Divi for something different, you are totally free to do so.

Could you explain how your hosting works?

To assist our clients in getting online as easy as possible, as a curtesy, we offer FREE hosting with each website for the first 12 months.

After this date, you will be given the option to either remain hosting with us, which currently costs $30.00 a month, or you are totally free to host your website with a company of your choosing.

Please bare in mind that our free hosting is considered ‘locked’ hosting. You will NOT have any option to access your hosting account or be able to make any changes on the server. If you feel that you require these advanced features please consider purchasing your own hosting acount.

I already have hosting and / or an existing website

This is great and no problem for us.

We shall build your new website on a temporary domain on our servers. Then, when it is completed, we shall migrate the new website over to your hosting account.

What other costs will I have?

You will have two, maybe three ongoing costs:

1, The purchase and subsequent renewal of your domain name (you will have this expense no matter where you build your website)

2, The renewal of your hosting account after the first FREE 12 month period had expired.

3, Like any computer, a WordPress website needs regular maintance to ensure is has all the necessary security and software updates to run smoothly. This is usually undertaken monthly.
You are free to do this yoursef, or we are happy to do this for you. Plese see here for our extra services.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Indeed we do and it can come in two different forms:

  • Monthly mainenance – This involves visting your website every month, undertaking any neccessary upgrades and to ensure your website is perfoming as it should be.
  • Full Webmaster Service – With our FWS we will undertake the monthly maintance as above and will also perform any changes, edits or uploading of content

Please see our Services page for more details


Can I buy a website as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! We will require the content from you so you have something to show the lucky recipient.

The only difference in buying a website from EasyFirstWebsites for somebody else is the registration of a new domain name. With the importance of domain names; unless you are exactly sure that your friend / loved one wants to register a particular domain name, it may be best to leave this to them.

In this case we can still build the website for you, but the website will sit on a temporary domain, so you can give your friend or loved one their new gift. Then, when they register their domain name we will connect everything up together.

… and remember. When they take ownership of their new gift, the recipient will receive instructions from us in how to make changes to their content and even change the whole website design!

I don’t have my own images.

There are a variety of copyright free image websites available to download images from to use on your website such as Unsplash

Please don’t forget that once you take ownership of your website, you can easily change your images over for other ones.

I don’t have a logo. Can you help?

Although we can arrange a logo to be designed. You may be of benefit if you utilise a designer on Fiverr and liaise with them directly.